Safety first

It is imperative that you wear appropriate hearing and eye protection at all times. Handle all guns as if they are loaded. Remember to keep your gun unloaded until you are ready to shoot. Keep the muzzle pointed downwards at all times until you are prepared to shoot, and never point your weapon at anything you do not want to shoot.

Find the ideal gun fit

In order to shoot where you are looking at, you need to ensure you have a proper gun fit. You can test your gun fit by setting up a target board at approximately 16 yards and then mount and shoot a few shots pointing at the target without aiming. If the highest density point is off center, you will want to have your gun fitted.

Determine which eye is your dominant eye

In order to check for eye dominance, merely stand tall and point to an object on the other side. Close your left eye, and if you can still see the object at the end of the finger, you are right eye dominant. Similarly, open your left eye and close your right and if the object is still at the end of the finger, you are left eye dominant.

Practice your mounts with the gun loaded

Practice makes perfect. Tend to practice in front of the mirror to see that you mount the gun from the same position on your face each time while carefully avoiding mounting it on your shoulder. Remember to stand with your feet narrow and concentrate on creating a smooth swing and follow through.

Focus on the target

Train yourself to concentrate on the target rather than looking down the gun barrel or bead. It takes practice. Do not aim; instead get in the habit of pointing.

Don’t stop moving the barrel until you pull the trigger

Ensure you have consistent follow through, and the best way to achieve this is to keep your barrel moving. Tend to keep your dominant eye on the target and follow with the barrel.

Determine your target ahead of time during simultaneous shooting

Generally, you will want to shoot the lower target first. And when the gun recoils, it will automatically bring you to the higher target.

Analyze misses and adjust accordingly

If you are on a missing streak, take a break and adjust. First, see if you need to change your posture and second follow your lead and increase or decrease accordingly.

Use low recoil target loads

Availing low recoil loads will help you save your shoulder and improve your marksmanship as it has high velocity. They are cheap as well.

Use correct stance

Ensure that your body is in the right position by standing with your forward leg slightly bent and hind leg straight. Tend to bend a little at the waist and slightly lean forward to your gun.

Use proper form

Proper form is achieved by holding the butt of the gun tightly against the shoulder and collarbone with the elbow of your shooting arm parallel to the ground. Remember to place your cheek firmly against the top of the stock so that your sight is in level with the rib of the gun and bead at the end of the barrel.